Tautec products

Tautec- reliably protects cargo from any movement that could lead to damage during transportation.

Tautec is as strong as steel, but with more flexibility and ease of handling. Tautec Composite Strapping has a wide range of applications in all modes of transport.

Because safety to cargo and user is a key consideration Tautec Strapping is rust free and has no sharp edges. As a non-toxic product it can be disposed of as normal waste.


Polyester yarn + surface covering based on polyester yarn

product code size linear tensile strength systemic tensile strength % elongation \ extension elongation at% tear up
TSP25 25 mm 925 kg 1703 kg 6-8 13
TSP32 32 mm 1050 kg 2549 kg 10-12 13

TSP25 25mm * 450 meters (2 spools / 90 boxes / Pallet)
TSP3232 mm * 300 meters (2 spools / 90 boxes / Pallet)