MAGNUS INDUSTRIAL LLC is the official distributor of EPG INDUSTRIES on the territory of Ukraine,  CIS.
EPG INDUSTRIES is a world leader and manufacturer of innovative products that ensure the safety and convenience of transportation and storage of a wide variety of cargos.
We are engaged in the sale and delivery on the territory of Ukraine, EU, CIS of the entire line of EPG INDUSTRIES products. The company’s products help to keep goods from damage and provide the best conditions for transportation/storage in terms of such parameters as: optimal humidity (moisture-absorbing absorbents VDRY line), thermal protection (thermo-insulating packaging TEMCOAT line), liner bags for bulk cargo (BULKO line), slings for cargo securing (TAUTEC line).


The history of the company started in 2001 upon a unique vision to protect cargo against damage and facilitate the logistics chain.
This philosophy of the company is embodied with a particular focus on temperature control, protection against moisture damage and securing cargo loads. This has given rise to a range of innovative products that have benefitted customers around the world.
By using the latest high-tech manufacturing techniques and tailoring the designs to the specific needs of each type of client, the company has been able to constantly innovate new solutions and have become recognized as a global industry leader.

In 2012 was introduced absorbent blankets for container shipments. This was a completely radical approach to dealing with the problem of moisture damage and immediately led to a significant improvement in the condition in which goods were shipped.

This collection of absorbent blankets is now the go-to option for the biggest shippers across high-risk industries around the world.

In 2014 was added a new manufacturing facility to develop desiccant bags with superior qualities, such as greater absorption capacity and improved breathability and resistance.
The company has created a global structure EPG INDUSTRIES, which has expanded its presence as global pioneers in the United States, Europe and South America.